A Cylinder Seal Of A Goatman Essay

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Fig. 23. Supposedly, a cylinder seal of a goatman represent’s Endidu in the Epic, Gilgamesh, dating around 3500 B.C., found in the Near East.

O utside of Egyptian and Biblical accountings, ostensibly there exist numerous other ancient texts concerning visible goatmen creatures in the region of the ancient Middle East that occurs from the earliest time of humanity. Creditably, one of the oldest written narratives on the planet emerges out of the Sumerians, within Mesopotamia; known as ’Gilgamesh.’ The story tells of the adventures of a king, dating between 2750 and 2500 B.C., conspicuously inscribed on twelve stone tablets in cuneiform script. Included in the epic, endures a creature named Endidu that exists as a horned man/beast. In addition, cylinder seals, on clay found in the area, perpetually show the appearance of a similar creature; which historians also named the findings of the cylinder seals after the creature in the epic. Ardently, this chapter focuses on various goat creatures reported in archeological findings documented by scholars. Indeed, one of the main areas is the ‘Fertile Crescent’ in the Near East, where the Nile, Tigris and Euphrates Rivers joined; a land that had a warm climate that permitted agriculture to thrive approximately ten thousand years ago. As mentioned, the people known as the Semitics lived there. (The portrayal of the Semitic tribe or Semites, includes numerous groups of nomads and camel pastoralists, who spoke related Semitic…

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