Essay about A Curriculum For The Twenty First Century

1947 Words Oct 31st, 2014 8 Pages
Matthew Malin
Professor Katie Friedman
English 100
25 September 2014 A Curriculum For the Twenty-First Century When I was in high school, I knew a girl named Madeline. Madeline was the essence of a perfect child. Like many of your daughters, Madeline never got into trouble. Madeline was a model student and she even played varsity field hockey. Like many bright young girls, Madeline aimed for the stars. Her dream after high school was to become a forensic pathologist. One afternoon Madeline was walking home with her girlfriend, Elaine, when they were attacked by a group of young men. These young men, who went to Toriyama High School with Madeline and Elaine, viciously beat them in a park near their homes. These young men also called Madeline and Elaine by the pejorative term, "dyke." This monstrous act of cruelty did not end then. Elaine managed to escape, while these beasts, raped Madeline. What Madeline and Elaine had to live through was a hate crime, pure and simple. Their attackers were motivated by an antipathy for women with a sexual orientation still considered deviant, by some aspects of society.
I pose these questions to you. How do we stop it? How do we as parents and as human beings protect our children from each other? How can we shield our children from a society that teaches them that is okay to beat and rape a young woman because of who she loves? Our answer is clear. What Toriyama High School needs is a curriculum that informs its children about the…

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