Essay about A Curriculum Design And Learning Objectives

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As teachers create a curriculum design and learning objectives, they must break down the objective into three parts. 1) What will the students do; meaning, under what circumstance will the students begin learning. It might be through discussion, lecture, reading or simple instruction. The second step requires some type of action. 2) Under what circumstances will the students perform? As we begin to design this part of the lesson plan, the use of the DOK (Depth of Knowledge) levels comes into play. Instructors will begin with the lowest levels of the DOK chart by using material from the level one category of recall, using such verbs as Identify, list, label, illustrate, name, tell ,etc. As the lessons begin to dig deeper into the subject matter, instructors will move on to level two, which is the skill/concept level. In level two, instructors will use verbs such as classify, compare, relate, distinguish, etc. Still digging a little deeper we move into level three of the DOK chart which requires strategic thinking and the use of verbs such as construct, differentiate, investigate, formulate, etc. The final DOK level of understanding, which will wrap up the specific unit for an instructor is the concept of extended thinking, this requires students to analyze, apply concepts, design and connect the material from on the beginning steps of the earlier lessons for the unit or segment that is being taught. And 3) how will you test to see if the students have grasped the concept of…

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