Essay on A Curious Wealth Of Poverty

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A Curious Wealth of Poverty There is no place on earth quite like India. It is alive and bursting at the seams, its economy expanding at unprecedented rates. Potential is the national currency: GDP skyrocketing, international investment booming, and industry flourishing. Where dirt once dominated, there now stand skyscrapers, highways, luxury apartments. And yet, amidst all this wealth and prosperity, 363 million Indians are still living below the poverty line (Katyal), excluded from the astounding growth that surrounds them. Quietly enduring the burden of destitution, over 41 percent of the world’s poor are left without a voice as they plunge further and further into the depths of poverty (Kotler & Lee). It is Katherine Boo’s Behind the Beautiful Forevers that finally dares to speak up for the poor, to “shine a stark light” on the blistering inequality that has been neglected for far too long (Sussman). Boo candidly reveals the brutal reality of Indian society that lies just beneath its groundbreaking progress: An astounding amount of wealth is centered in the hands of a select few, who ensure that the “distribution of opportunity [is] … an insider trade” (Boo 138). So concentrated is this affluence that the hundred richest Indians control nearly a quarter of the nation’s economy (Boo 138), amassing incredible wealth even as the poor continue to languish. How is it that the rich can splurge contentedly with their lavish “New Year’s bashes” (Boo 10) while countless…

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