A Curious Man Teaches Me Skepticism Essay

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Liverpool/Dublin Journal 2: A Curious Man Teaches Me Skepticism
I was in the People’s Museum in Manchester perusing the struggles of the people when, a older gentleman approaches our group. He had a younger companion accompanying him. This man sported a Carolina Panthers t-shirt. He was rather tall, and a distinctly British accent. Once he inserted himself into our conversation he proceeded to tell his life story, about how we worked for a time in Texas. He went on to describe how he wanted to enlist in the United States army but was rejected thus he joined the Queen 's guard. He stated that he worked for months in Manchester as an extra in a movie. He wove each story within the other, without making a clear closing for any. He emphasized the fact that the English and Americans are strong allies, and before he left us to our own devices he shook each of our hands, looked straight in our eyes and said “God bless you.”
While I acknowledge this encounter as rather unusual, I found it no less pleasant. However, the immediate reaction from most of my group was suspicion, and tinges of fear instead. We spent the walk back to the square hypothesizing the true intentions of this man. Was he mentally handicap, a skillful con-artist, just crippling lonely man? What role did his companion take? Caretaker, son, the second half on the con artist team? It was not until we reached the center of the square that my hypothesis was voiced by Clark. “What if he was just a nice…

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