A Cultured, Stimulating Class Essay

1387 Words Mar 10th, 2016 null Page
Standard #5 Positive Classroom Environment- Rationale In pursuance of a cultured, stimulating class in which students engage in activities and have ambition to further their learning, the teacher must motivate pupils on a crowd and solitary level as well as on intrinsic and extrinsic levels to cultivate passion, creativity, and 21st Century skills in the classroom. Creating this classification of classroom demands that the teacher possess intensive knowledge of their content, the endowment to manage student behavior, and constant analyzing and remodeling of the classroom management plan as well lessons to fulfill the students needs and wants. Skills such as this are required in all subjects and classrooms. This agility emerges as distinctly paramount in Business Technology classrooms as the focal point of such a subject is to produce business ready employees by the deadline of graduation. The students need the ability to yield a prospective business’ objectives if the desired outcome is a career at any level of business. A conducive learning environment that advocates regulation and procedure while supporting creativity shape students well prepared to conquer the business world.Additional reasoning as to retaining a well managed, motivated classroom in a Business Technology class is the arduous, vast amounts of technology used in the different areas. Such technology implicates careful usage, repeated maintenance, and continuous inventory to be rendered by the students…

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