Essay about A Cultural Perspective On Health Care

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Article critique 3
Hospice is an important philosophy of care for people searching quality of life in the terminal level of illness. Supportive services that hospice provides to dying people including medical, social, emotional, and spiritual services as well as helping for the patient’s family. The major aims of hospice care are helping the patient to be as comfortable as possible and managing a patient’s pain and other symptoms. However, culture and ethnicity determine thoughts and ideas about death. Culture can significantly affect the patient’s response to the dying process and the decisions that the patient and family make (Giger, et al., 2006). That is what Frey, et al., (2013) investigate in in their study “‘Where do I go from here’? A cultural perspective on challenges to the use of hospice services”. The purpose of this study was to explore the challenges to the use of hospice services for patients from various cultures in their reactions and their families towards hospice services care.
This study is a qualitative inquiry that involved with 37 cancer patients (Mãori, Pacific and Asian self-identified ethnicities), and their families, as well as 15 health professionals within one District Health Board. The study was conducted at Auckland District Health Board, Auckland, New Zealand. The researchers gathered data using Semi-structured interviews as the data collection method. Interviews were conducted at a time and location convenient for the participant. They…

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