A Critique Of Diane Ravitch 's Education Essay

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A Critique of Diane Ravitch’s “Education in the Post Sputnik Era”
On October 4th 1957 the Soviet’s launch the world’s first satellite called “Sputnik 1” ending the debate that the quality of education in America’s school system has been a concern. This event that the Russians beat the Americans sparked crisis in America’s education system. This crisis lead to restructuring the education system in English, History, Science, Mathematics, and foreign languages. While many programs were developed and government funding was allocated to enhance school systems and colleges, the racial revolution presented a forceful challenge to the political, social, and economic basis of American schools (Ravitch 324). As Racial and Urban crisis became the nation’s top priority, the competition with the Soviets was cast aside. This causes the government agencies and funding to be redirected towards fixing the racial inequalities in America.
The historian and education policy expert Diane Ravich’s purpose of writing this essay was to inform her readers of the changes made to the American education system and the effect it had on racial inequality as well. She describes this by pointing out the changes that were made to improve the American education system. She also touches on the violence against blacks and civil workers, the assassination of President Kennedy, rediscovery of poverty, and the involvement of the Vietnam War (Ravich 325). In the years leading up to Sputnik, there was already…

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