A Critique Of A Expressed Parent 's Conference Paper

803 Words Feb 28th, 2016 4 Pages
The aim of this paper is to conduct a critique of a concerned parent’s conference paper and subsequent speech delivered during a meeting at his daughter Felicia’s school. My critique of the paper will include an evaluation of both the strengths and weaknesses of the conference paper.
Although the male parent seems troubled by his daughter’s low achievement at Rosewood school, his message, demonstrated by poor delivery skills and disparaging commentary on the personal life of a faculty member greatly undermines his true message. Evidently, the parent refuses to see his daughter’s own role in the matter, which he conveniently explains away. The man’s conference paper veers off topic with sharing personal information, which serves no purpose. Specifically, the first limitation of the paper is that the parent does not seem to adhere to any standard guidelines concerning delivery. A good paper contains an introduction, a body and a conclusion, none of which exists in the paper. This paper lacks order and gives the feeling of randomness. Appreciation of the importance of the real issue being addressed becomes an impairment to the reader’s understanding the magnitude of the man’s message. Informal, unprofessional language fails to capture and hold the reader’s attention, thus, distorting the man’s intended message. In fact, an audience member could come away with a completely different understanding of the message, and would not be able to comprehend the…

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