A Critical Understanding Of Common Workplace Essay

1269 Words May 2nd, 2016 null Page
The purpose of this paper is to apply a critical understanding to common workplace misconduct that organizations are witness to, sometimes on a daily basis. Workplace violations must be dealt with in an ethical manner so as not to create an environment of employer intimidation. The outcomes of these violations are of great importance to the business owners as they must ensure the establishment of an ethical workplace to help prevent future occurrences of unfavorable types of behavior. The scenarios outlined in this paper will examine common violations and the outcomes that follow for both the employee and the employer.

In the first scenario, the employer is an international corporation with multiple plant facilities throughout the United States and abroad. The employee has worked at the same non-union U.S. plant facility for over 25 years as a chemical operator responsible for the running of a chemical process. Prior to the current incident, the employee has been reprimanded multiple times for insubordination, but has also submitted multiple suggestions that have resulted in increased productivity and profits for the corporation. The most recent infraction involves abuse of computer privileges. Prior to the use of the computers in the chemical process, the corporation installed computers in each process location loaded with games to encourage the employees to become comfortable with their use. Employees were told by management that the computers could…

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