A Critical Thinking Exercise Essay

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In this discussion board post I will be discussing things based off of a critical thinking exercise in our text book. This will include delegation and patient assignment factors, power and conflict dimensions, and the presented problems of the scenario. Then I will give possible solutions to these problems and delegation tasks that could help the patient be ready to go to surgery. Lastly, I will discuss what the nurse’s options are if the staff refuses to do the assigned delegated tasks.
Delegating requires skillful decision making. The Five Rights of Delegation need to be considered before delegation occurs. They are: the right task, right circumstance, right person, right direction/communication, and the right supervision and evaluation. One issue to consider in this case includes staffing (Huber, 2014). There are three total staff members to care for nine patients. One charge nurse, one new staff nurse, and a NAP. Another thing to consider is the patient. This patient is non-verbal, and is unable to verbally communicate with the nursing staff. Time is also a thing to consider. The shift starts at 7am and the patient is scheduled for surgery at 8:30 am. There is one and a half hours to have the patient ready to go to surgery. Experience of the staff is another facet to consider. The staff nurse is a newly hired staff nurse. The scenario does not indicate if the nurse is a new grad or not, but does state that he is a new hire and he has never prepared a patient for this…

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