Essay on A Critical Review Of Timothy Dyson

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A Critical Review of Timothy Dyson, 2001, A Partial Theory of World Development: The Neglected Role of the Demographic Transition in the Shaping of Modern Society, International Journal of Population Geography, vol. 7, no. 2, pp 67-90.


As the title and the author indicated, the role of demographic transition may not be attached much weight comparing with economic transition in recent researches that discussed and analyzed different factors of the modernization process in the world (Dyson, 2001). In this circumstance, Dyson, a professor from population studies, composed this article to argue the central position of the demographic transition, and to emphasise its neglected role which usually been underestimated in the world modernization process. The author organised his argument by discussing and linking these three key elements —— mortality decline, fertility decline and urbanisation. The internal connection of these three elements is that the sustainable and stable mortality will cause fertility decline and urbanisation, and then urbanisation within different types of migration lead to complex social structural transformation and fertility decline stimulate political and gender equality as well, which directly and indirectly demonstrates the pivotal role of demographic transition in modern society. This paper will review Dyson’s main arguments, and will evaluate the quality of this writing and its significance to future studies, finally give recommendations…

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