A Critical Review Of Leo Szilard 's Petition Essay

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A Critical Review of Leo Szilard’s Petition to the President
Leo Szilard’s Petition to the President represents the ideas of the scientific community leading to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A group of individuals who during their time took into account more than the ending of World War II, but the future repercussions as well. Szilard presents a petition that brings to light an argument revied by 69 scientists and himself, all expects in nuclear technology in order to prevent the President of the United States from plunging the world into a state of nuclear fear. As well as an appeal to the emotional and logical thinking of the American people and leader of the free world. The following will evaluate the effectiveness of Szilard’s petition, and the efficient use of persuasive appeals.
A summary of Szilard’s petition is necessary. In the beginning of the petition Szilard states that “Discoveries of which the people of the United States are not aware may affect the welfare of this nation in the near future.” (par. 1). The effects of an Atomic bomb are unknown and using such a powerful, unknown resource will effect America more than has been considered. Szilard petition does not present facts and statistics to depict the effects of a nuclear arms race, but provides expert experience from those who help develop the technology and know the extent of its destructive capabilities.
To gain an understand of the credibility of Leo Szilard and how his knowledge can be…

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