A Critical Reflection On Leadership Essays

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Critical Reflection on Leadership
Leadership is hard to talk about, mostly because it is somewhat vague and very conceptual. However, what we have talked about over the semester has helped me to gain a better understanding about what leadership is. I have also gained more knowledge pertaining to the different ways that a person might lead. After a lot of self-reflection I have determined the reasons why I lead, and why I want to become a good leader in the future. Lastly, I hope to be able to continue to practice and improve my leadership for the rest of my life whether in my professional or personal life.
What Is Leadership?
My personal definition of leadership is a person or group of people taking their knowledge about a topic and being able to bring people together to work toward a common goal. This definition that I have comes from observing those who have led me, and those individuals who are famous for their leadership whether good or bad, like Martin Luther King Junior, or Adolf Hitler. Throughout the semester my definition has mostly stayed the same, but my understanding of leadership has changed slightly. I see leadership a little differently today because of the discussions we had last week in our large lecture and our learning community about ethical leadership, and how that relates to our strengths. I now understand how our ethics and our personal strengths play into how we may lead people in a certain direction according to what we personally believe.…

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