Essay about A Critical Incident On The Social Worker

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A critical incident is an expected occurrence in group work, though not all incidents will carry the same degree of seriousness nor will they be unambiguous in nature. The reality of differences among even those with common backgrounds or presenting problems would allude to the fact that it is more likely then not that a critical incident will occur within a group setting. Though often conflict itself is perceived as negative, it can, if apprioately addressed, be a positive turning point in a group setting, a place of growth, and a deeper understanding can result from the critical incident. It is essential that the social worker take the proper steps during a critical incident, to the best of their ability, to promote the desired growth and to hinder stagnation of the group. In order to achieve growth from a critical incidence the social worker must do their best to be aware of both latent and manifest content within the group and the demand for work to help achieve and/or strengthen the mutual aid of the group.
Group Description and Agency Setting
The critical innocent that will be examined for this paper was found in the videos of the experiential group which were used in the SW-577 Group Work class for the MSW online program at Simmons College of Social Work. This group was chosen for the simple reason of the lack of personal experience in the field. The members of the group were all MSW students at Simmons and using only logic and reasoning I am of the opinion that the…

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