A Critical Incident On The Pediatric Emergency Room Essay

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This essay explains a critical incident that occurred on the pediatric emergency room, on my first week on the unit as a nurse technician, the incident relates to pediatric patients that range from three days old to fifteen years of age. The patient that fell during the fall was six- year old patient that had a increase of drowsy from pharmological treatment, which caused an increased risk for falls. In the Emergency department falls happen due to stretcher side rails up not being up while transporting or leaving patients unattended. As a nurse technician in the pediatric emergency department, I feel it is imperative to ensure patient safety. The age groups that are being seen pose an increase for falls. Reasons why young patients may experience falls because parents are not being attentive to their children, side rails are down, and sometimes it may stem from healthcare negligence by not ensuring patient safety. By exploring this incident caused me to discover ways I can learn and improve patient safety on the unit.
The incident unfolded as following. Jane doe was a six- year old patient that came into the pediatric emergency room. The patient came in with a complaint of right lower quadrant pain, which was transferred from lake after hours for a possible appendicitis. My first contact was with the patient was when they came back into a room, where I got hourly vitals accompanied by my preceptor. With every encounter with the patient the child would move from each side of…

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