A Critical Approach For Institutional Contexts And Social Structures

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A critical approach to institutional contexts and social structures understands that institutional contexts always overlap with social structures, thus crucial in understanding the beginning of resistance and social change. We can’t look at one thing without the other. Everyone keeps on saying that women have come a long way, but in fact there are still many regrets and inequalities lingering. When women are compared to men, women are always seen as more inferior human beings. Men have their advantages and women have their disadvantages. Privilege is something undeserving. It benefits a certain group of people the moment they are born. White privilege is somewhat similar to male privilege because both groups like to deny the fact that they have benefits. Men may say that they will work on improving the conditions for women in society, university, and curriculum. But in the end, they still won’t work on taking away their own advantages because they believe that there was none to begin with. This makes it seem like men have to give a lending hand in improving women’s status or that women have to work harder to catch up to men when in reality they are really equal beings. Even with all the talk about women equality, when men fail to admit their own male privilege, it becomes an example of an uncritical approach. It is important to note that men understand this from an external point of view and not from an internal point of view. When male privilege goes unacknowledged, it…

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