A Critical Analysis of the Queensland Health Essay

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MGB 200 – Leading Organisations

Research Paper (final assessment)

1. Introduction

This research paper will present a critical analysis of the Queensland Health case study using related theories of organisational structure. This paper will also involve the use of critical thinking skills developed through the tutorial and lecture activities in MGB 200 (Leading Organisations. In further detail, organisational structure theories and research from the Queensland Health case study will be applied to identify and analyse the problem area discussed in the case study, and recommendations will be made for how to address this problem.

The structure of this research paper will be expressed via reviewing the topic area of organisational
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• Authority

• Placing orders and expecting these orders to be followed by the rights of the of a person in a managerial position

• Unity of Command

• A subsidiary should have only one higher command of whom he/she should report to

• Span of control

This is the number of subordinates that a particular manager can use direct command/orders to.

The concept in span of control is guide lined by wider spans of management in order increase organisational efficiency.

Narrow Span Drawbacks

• The expenses that would be incurred with additional sectors of management

• Vertical communication increased in complexity

• Support/encouragement towards close supervision and discouragement towards employee autonomy

• Centralisation and decentralisation

Centralisation is the formal

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