A Critical Analysis Of State Terror Essay

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Fear and terror are common tactics used against people in order to control them. By using terror to incite fear in people states are given the ability to control the actions and reactions and subdue or influence the general public. This Essay provides a critical analysis into State Terror using the historical example of Stalin and Soviet Russia in 1922. By looking at this example of Joseph Stalin and Soviet Russia the impacts and outcomes of state terrorism can be fully analysed and the above question answered for the purpose of this essay.

Although Terrorism and State Terrorism are difficult to completely define there are certain characteristics present that can be grouped and associated with Terrorism so as to provide guidelines in its classification. Different schools of thought therefore each have clashing definitions of State Terror, however in essence there are two main types of State Terror that will be used as guidelines for his essay; violence by a government against its own people without legal cause and violence by a government against other people in order to control people, territories and resources when not in a time of war. The first definition will be the one primarily focused on as it most fits with how Stalin used Terror against Russia. One of the first things to address in order to give a clear line of definition to follow throughout this essay is that of what exactly State Terror is? As defined by the UN state Terror is “such actions as the kidnapping…

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