A Critical Analysis Of Lintott 's ' Sublime Hunger ' Essay example

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Faith Holloway
Phil 268- Art and Culture
Argumentative Essay
A Critical Analysis of Lintott’s ‘Sublime Hunger’
The subject of eating disorders can be a particularly difficult subject to analyse. This can probably explain why it is particularly overlooked within the realm of philosophy, despite being such a widespread and devastating illness. However, Lintott not only discusses eating disorders within a philosophical sphere, but furthermore she approaches the subject through a unique lens of the Kantian theory of the ‘sublime’. The term, coined by philosopher Immanuel Kant, describes elements of a ‘larger than life experience’, which upon first examination seems questionably unrelated to the illness of having an eating disorder. Yet, Lintott manages to provide a unique and for the most part convincing article on the ‘sublime’ experience of eating disorders. In this essay, I aim to firstly examine the approach that Lintott takes in order to consider eating disorders as a way in which women experience the ‘sublime’. Secondly, I will draw upon the conclusions made by Lintott and offer my own critiques of some of her comments. Finally, I will ultimately agree alongside Lintott in my concluding comments, however I also aim to suggest future work and approaches towards eating disorders in the realm of philosophy.
In her article ‘Sublime Hunger: A Consideration of Eating Disorders Beyond Beauty’ Lintott approaches an analysis of eating disorders, particularly those of…

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