A Crazy Emily Essay examples

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Crazy is defined as mentally unbalanced or insane. Emily is definitely crazy. Necrophilia or not, she is considered crazy either way. Although, the crazy focused here is the one that does not concern necrophilia. This focuses more on how she is trying to grasp some things she cannot have, and also having to kill just to have it. Some may say she is normal, but I say otherwise. The first time I realized she was crazy was at her father’s death. When her father passed away, she did not mourn for his deplorable death. Neither did she want to get rid of him, after the cruelty of depriving her of suitors. She kept clinging to his body, and she kept making herself believe he was alive. Whenever people wanted to give their condolences, her …show more content…
In layman’s term, they do not want to be avoided. So, in order to do this, they take care of themselves and their properties. Some psychiatrists check if a person is crazy or not, based on one’s appearance. Apparently, for Emily, smell did not matter. There was a time her house had an unusual odor. Some people complained about this to the mayor, but seeing there was nothing they can do, they just let it go. After quite some time, the complaints grew, so they tried to find a way. The mayor, thinking it was a preposterous idea to tell her at her face, made another way. They sneaked into her house, one night, and sprinkled lime in the places where it stank. Emily was there, watching. She seemed not to care at them at all as if, she saw people do that all the time. She just stared. Emily had gone through so much. Because she had experienced many things, her mental ability had failed her. The possibility that she is crazy is bigger than the possibility of having necrophilia. As we know, her father had driven away her suitors leaving her with no one, and Homer Barron never really loved her. This may have caused her to kill Homer Barron. Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures, and for Emily, that was her desperate measure. Homer Barron had led her to a crooked patch in the middle of everywhere and nowhere, and what better way to reward herself with a whole life with someone, when she does not mind if that someone was dead or

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