A Country Town Or A Big City Essay

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When deciding between moving to a country town or a big city,

there is much to take into consideration. It will be useful to

know about career opportunities, cost of living and the

education system. Although both a city and country town have

there advantages and disadvantages, they greatly differ from one

another. When choosing between the two it is essential to settle

on the one that is most pliable to ones lifestyle. Knowing there

will be jobs open, having a plan of the cost of living in one of

the two and having the ability to further ones education are a

few things that must be looked into before making a commitment

to one or the other.

One of the most important reasons why some may be delay from

moving to a country town, are the varieties of careers or

typically the shortage of. In most small towns the job or career

opportunities have taken a great blow, we can use Irving as an

example. A lot of mills might shut down inflicting employees to

be laid off, many would not wish to be moving into a town

wherever there are already unemployed individuals searching for

jobs. It does not mean there are not any job opportunities at

all in small towns, job development opportunities in small towns

typically exceed expectations if a job developer is aware of

where and how to look for them. Every small town has some

variety of uniqueness to it, or something special that helps

individuals keep employed. Irving has its lumber production,…

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