A Correlation Between Violent Crime And Crime Essay

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Introduction The research conducted is attempting to look for a correlation between violent crime and what causes people to commit crime. Some variables that are believed to lead to crime are educational attainment, employment, gender, and race. Through my data analysis and literature review I have found that there is a correlation between these variables and violent crimes.
Those who have suffered from structural blockage and strain are more likely to commit crime under Robert Agnew’s General Strain Theory.
Robert Merton describes structural strain theory by stating that structural blockages occur in society and these blockages lead to deviance. Merton’s theory originates from the ideas of anomie, which he uses to mold strain theory. Strain theory generally focuses on crime and the strain that leads up to crime and criminal behavior. He believed that pressures from society to conform led people to deviance in order to conform.
Merton also believed that there were five modes of adaptation: conformity, innovation, ritualism, retreatism, and rebellion. Conformity refers to people who have accepted the cultural norms and goals and the ways that society sees appropriate to achieve those goals. Because some people have lack of access to the appropriate ways to reach these goals, they may then turn to deviance. This is innovation. Ritualists, on the other hand, know that they cannot reach the societal goals; instead they focus on the means by…

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