A Connection With Paradise Lost By John Milton Essay

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In the first few pages of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, one can easily see a connection with Paradise Lost written by John Milton. Shelley used numerous allusions to the epic to elucidate her ideas. In both cases, the authors use various qualities of humans, such as free will, to exemplify the relationship that exists between creator and creation. The way Milton incorporated creation into his poetry is critical in Paradise Lost because it is the essence of the poem and helps the reader understand the function of deity in the setting. In the poem, the hierarchy of creation derives from God’s ability to create, solely for the purpose of what He has made returning gratitude to Him. Unfortunately, each creature still owes its Maker much more than He is receiving. Satan states “the debt immense of endless gratitude / So burthensome still paying, still to ow” (4.52-53) which clearly demonstrates that even Satan realizes that all of God’s creation is failing to give Him the praise that He justifiably should receive. Humankind tends to fail redundantly throughout the poem pursuing their interests rather than seeking what the Lord has intended for them. Adam and Eve neglect God by eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and choosing their sovereignty over their master 's. Before the Fall, Adam and Eve both recognized their status as creation and claimed God as their creator by their prayers. They claim the Lord as being the “Maker Omnipotent” (4.724), “Parent of good”…

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