Essay on A Connection Between Art And Fashion Design

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There 's a connection between art and fashion design just like the connection between colors and fabrics . The same connection that drove Oscar de la Renta to pursue fashion design first as an illustrator coming from a fine arts background. The beauty about fashion design is the fact that every season the designer creates another story to add to the woman of today. And then again What 's more beautiful than dressing a woman? In the same way an artist adds another layer to their painting, Fashion Design is much more than what the first layer provides. It 's an industry that thrives on hours of work, endless dreams, and coffee . Having the opportunity to experience the FIT community already make the transition between majors smoother.My own experiences in fine art have able to translate a better vision Of the industry. The opportunity to work in the de la Renta house pushed me pursue the degree I always dreamed of.

The first two years at FIT in my AAS in fine arts were a world wind. The school not only forms a student to excel in all aspects of the chosen major and liberal areas , but to translate these ethics into your everyday life. Is not everyday when you hear of a student having 10 classes a week, each three to six hours. It may sound intense and tedious but studio hours go by so quick, you often forget it was six hours. These essential time managing skills have helped my life so much while going to school and working part time to help my mom. The transition from one…

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