A Conference On Health Care Reform Essays

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In order to deal with these issues in medical system, the central government planned to reform the medical system in China. In the second half of 2005, the central government organized a conference on health care system reform. This meeting aims to clarify goals and strategies of health care reform, and invited experts from government sector, universities and international organizations to join in this conference (Zou 2012). In 2006, the State Council set up a specific team working for the latest round of medical system reform. This team is responsible for drawing up overall strategies and specific policy measures of health care reform, and all team members come from public sectors related to health and finance (Zheng et al 2010). One year later, this team decided to entrust a number of domestic and international institutions to help design reform proposal. These institutions include Development Research Centre of the State Council, Peking University, Fudan University, the World Bank and the WHO. Among these institutions, experts from the two universities suggest establishing a unified healthcare security system which is led by the central government, while the WHO recommends that the central government should ensure equality of opportunity to receive health care and market mechanism should be used to provide and price medical services (Zou 2012). At the same time, this team sought advices from the public. Individuals and social organizations could express their opinions on…

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