Essay on A Confederacy Of Dunces By John Kennedy Toole

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When taking a look back on social concepts of the 60s the words music, drugs and culture are often at the foreground of one’s thoughts. This was a diverse and booming era for many bringing upon the uprising of a new class. Although this truth is recognizable without looking past the surface, taking a deeper look at social aspects uncloaks the seemingly ever changing times then, proving them to be consistent with issues we recognize today. This is strongly displayed in the novel A Confederacy of Dunces written in the 60s by author John Kennedy Toole. In the novel, a middle aged man named Ignatius living at home with his mother goes on a quest of finding a job due to his mother’s nagging. Having obtained a master’s degree in college, he is overqualified for everyone of these jobs he stumbles upon which feeds his ever growing ego. Throughout his many adventures he has more than one run in with the police, making enemies as well as friends and nearly gets himself sent to a mental hospital. Despite all the crazed comedy found throughout this novel there is much to said about the theme of life presenting itself in cycles of good and bad fortune. In the novel A Confederacy of Dunces written by John Kennedy Toole, this theme is relevant in today’s society in terms of employment, issues within relationships and the infinite struggle to fit in.
Most importantly in our society today, as well as the driving force behind the plot of the story, is the subject of employment. While…

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