Essay on A Comprehensive Outline Of A Best Self Portrait

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Since its development, the Reflected Best Self exercise has been utilized extensively by leaders in all fields in order to allow them to reflect on their “best self”. This device was developed by professors at the University of Michigan’s Ross school of Business, and done with the goal of increasing personal future potential. To begin my own individual process, I collected various stories from those around me in my life. These included family members and many close peers. Using these, and mixing in my own stories, I was able to produce my own “Strengths Summary”. With this, I was able to create a Strength Profile, where I was able to summarize all the traits provided to me by others (and myself) into a comprehensive outline of a best self-portrait. Furthering this process, I was able to diagnose a list of factors that both help and hinder my ability to do my best work. Overall, by utilizing these steps, I was able to apply the information I was given in order to synthesize how I may become my best self in my future endeavors, just like many have done before me.
Initial Perspective on Strengths
Throughout my eighteen years of life, I have gained many strengths and skills. For example, from the time I was five-years-old to when I was eleven, I trained for the honor of receiving my second-degree black belt in karate. Before going through this process, I was an especially timid and shy child. I had little self-confidence or awareness of how to work hard for a…

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