A Comprehensive Benefits Program And Offer An Opportunity For Full Time Frontline Employees

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In an effort to provide a comprehensive benefits program and offer an opportunity to bring on full time frontline employees we must establish expense and bonus policies that are corporately responsible.

Expense Policy effective 30 days from the documents’ acceptance.
● All expenses should be reasonable and required to support the business.
● All expenses must be submitted on a business expense report in a timely manner.
● All expenses in excess of $25 must have a receipt.
● Any expense exceeding $100 for regular employees must have manager approval.
● Any expense exceeding $500 for a manager must have director approval.
● Any expense exceeding $2500 must have a purchase order.

Bonus effective new fiscal year.
● Bonus amounts shall be appropriate; related to profits made by the company.
● Any profit that exceeds forecasted goals by 20% or more will be shared with all employees.
● Executive bonus will pay out only if the company makes at least $1.
● Executive bonus will start at 10% of annual salary and not exceed 25%.
Every penny counts while we ae in a building process and we must make sure that we are spending the corporations’ money responsibly.

Benefit policy
A comprehensive benefits program will be instituted in the next fiscal year to provide the opportunity for the company to begin to provide more full time employment positions. In the next 18 months and going forward we will strive to maintain an 80/20 ratio with 80 percent of all employees having full time…

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