A Comprehensive Assessment A Nurse Will Care For A Confused Patient Who Has Undergone Total Hip Replacement Surgery

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As the Australian population ages, nurses will play an important role in caring for older adults in the hospital setting. This demographic shift will mean that that nurses will care for adults over 65 more than any other patient group (Van Leuven, 2012). It is important for nurses to take the opportunity to think critically about the specific complex needs of older Australians and ensure they are practicing in a way that is safe, considered best practice and is aimed at bringing the patient back to health. This Essay, using the case study of Mr Dwight Simons will describe to the reader how a general nurse will care for a confused patient who has undergone total hip replacement surgery (THR) in an eight hour shift. In doing so this essay will describe a comprehensive assessment a nurse should take on a postoperative patient, including a rationale for each step. In addition, a plan will be outlined, demonstrating patient centred care and prioritising the cares that will ensure the safety and comfort on Mr Simons. Lastly, this essay will describe in a comprehensive manner the cares given to Mr Simons, including a sound rational for each one based on current academic literature.
A comprehensive base line assessment should be the first step a nurse takes after Mr Simons returns to the ward. This necessary initial step will allow the nurse to develop a holistic understanding of Mr Simon’s current health status, as well as his health history (reference). A base line assessment can…

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