A Complicated Story : Kanji And Kuipers ' Essay

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Kanji and Kuipers’ essay, A Complicated Story: Exploring The Contours of Secularisation and Persisting Religiosity in Canada, argues that secularization has not occurred in a linear trajectory in Canada, and points to the complexity of the religious climate in Canadian society. The study uses the results of the World Values Survey in order to analyze various aspects of religious life such as subjective religiosity, involvement in religious services and organizations, the role of prayer, religious beliefs, confidence in religious institutions and their advice, and how much influence people believe religion should have in politics. When comparing the average degree of religiosity of each of these dimensions, across agrarian societies, industrial societies, and advanced industrial societies, the survey implies that the average citizen in an advanced industrial society, of which Canada is, tends to be less religious than the average citizen in an agrarian society. However, when Canadians are compared to the average citizens of other advanced industrial societies, they are clearly more religious. The article goes on to make the point that the average degree of secularisation varies across different dimension and thus secularisation processes are not as simple as the “subtraction story” proposed by theorists such as Jose Casanova, The reader is then presented with a series of statistics to back up their overall claim of the complexity of secularisation in Canada. In the…

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