A Complex Web Of Cause And Effect Essay examples

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Douglas Henning Henning 1
Adam Smidi, M.B.A.
IBUS 3150-001
Exam #1
Michelin Case Study A complex web of cause and effect can be used to describe the decline of relationships, trust, respect, and eventually productivity in this case study. But when we look for the reasons for these declines they are not readily apparent until we compare and contrast the cultures involved, using Hofstede’s Dimensions of Culture. Quite simply, these dimensions are a model of national and organizational preferences that exist within a culture.
The first dimension that we will discuss is the concept of a cultures depiction as either a masculine or a feminine society. In the Michelin case we see American workers, from a masculine society, set as subordinates under a French business leader, Chalon, from a feminine society. The American workers are given a distorted view of Chalon, they expect to see a leader who is decisive in his decision making, and who tries to foster competition and drive in them through delegation. But, Chalon’s approach to the work environment is to make decisions by consensus, stressing the solidarity of the work force. As Americans we like to see our leaders decisive and strong, we like to be assured that we are contributing to the overall process, and Chalon’s actions carry across an idea to the American workers that he is weak or misguided. Henning 2 The second of Hofstede’s dimensions that we will discuss is known as Uncertainty Avoidance.…

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