A Comparison Of Tennessee Williams's Real Life In The Glass Menagerie

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Throughout the play, The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams there are many similarities to his real life. Many characters share various similarities to William;’s and his family. Many of the themes that are evident throughout the play are expressions of the way Williams felt about a lot of things. There are many similarities between the characters and those in William’s family and many of these similarities show us how Williams’ felt about these people, especially his sister.
The character of Laura has many similarities of Williams’s real sister Rose. "I 'm---crippled"(Williams 17). Laura is crippled in her leg while Tennessee Williams 's real sisters "cripple" was her mental illness. They both are disabled in a way and through Laura’s
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“It was surely this relationship that helped to establish Williams 's homosexuality,”(Parker 129). Though the play does not say it right out it can be seen that the character of Tom is also homosexual and Tom is a reflection of Tennessee. Tom is not in any relationship throughout the play and pays no interest to any women outside of his family. It is also said that the reason for his homosexuality is because of the incestuous relationship he wanted with his sister which is also shown in Tom 's and Laura 's relationship in the play.
In five years ' time I have nearly forgotten home. But there are nights when memory is stronger. I cannot hold my shoulder to the door, the door comes softly but irresistibly open.... I hold my breath. I reach for a cigarette. I buy a drink, I speak to the nearest stranger. For if that vision goes on growing clearer, the mist will divide upon my sister 's face, watching gently and daring to ask for nothing.Then it 's too much: my manhood is undone and the night is hers. (Williams
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In the play, because it is a memory play Tom is reliving his past and remembers how he left his mother and Laura was still stuck like his real sister was stuck in her own mind because of her psychosis and later lobotomy. “Williams 's complex relation to his sister, Rose, and his guilt about her institutionalizing and frontal lobotomy.” (Parker 127). William 's felt it was particularly his fault his sister was institutionalized and Tom feels somewhat guilty that Laura is stuck with their mother and him and does not have a life, especially when he introduces the suitor and it does not work out. “We think of Laura as something of an innocent, and in this, despite her successful battle against her mother’s wishes, we are correct. Her victory in her war of wills with Amanda leaves her with little knowledge of the way the world works. Certainly, she knows little or nothing of sex. This is,as I’ve said, the popular image we have of Rose Williams.” (Paller 74). William 's wrote Laura like this because this is how he viewed his sister. She was an innocent and she had a rough life because of her illness and he feels bad about what she went through.This is evident in the play when Tom thinks about what he left behind and

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