Argumentative Essay On Steve Jobs

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Winston Wu
Mr. Axtell
English Essay
9 December 2014
A Bite of the Apple “If today were the last day of your life, would you want to do what you are about to do today?” Those are the words of Steve Jobs; a mastermind, believer, billionaire, and one who shaped one of the greatest company of all-time, Apple. With over four hundred stores open worldwide, Apple Computer Incorporated, currently dominates the technological industry with Mac, iPhones, and iPad sales. The brilliant minds of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak led to the invention of the Apple I and Apple II computers, which revolutionized the computer industry of the 1970s and 1980s. But every company starts some place. How did two computer geeks who started in a garage, create one of the
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His biological mother was an undergraduate student at ? named Joanne Simpson and his father was a Syrian political scientist. They gave him up for adoption and he was later adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs. As a child he was a prankster in elementary school, and his fourth grade teacher needed to bribe him to study. Jobs later moved for the city of Los Altos, where Steve attended Cupertino Junior High. Growing up, Jobs was curious about the world of electronics that filled his neighbor’s garage. Job 's father introduced him to Heathkits which further fascinated his interest in technology. Steve attended Homestead High School and enrolled in a electronic class where Steve befriended Bill Fernandez. Later, Bill introduced Steve to a computer wiz named Steve Wozniak. Steve was fourteen and Woz was nineteen but they shared the same …show more content…
It was just too expensive and many people did not feel the need for it. Apple sales were dropping rapidly without the presence of Steve Jobs so Apple bought NeXt in 1996 for four hundred twenty nine million dollars. During that year, Jobs returned as the company 's CEO. When Jobs came back to the company he was wiser and different. He still had a fierce and competitive attitude but however, he wasa bit more lenient. Apple hired a new management team, and Jobs agreed on a annual salary of $1 a year. Not only did Steve save Apple from verge of collapse but he also put the company back on track. Effective marketing, branding, and stylish designs attracted consumers to Apple products. Later innovations such as the revolutionized Macbook Air, iMac, iPod, and iPhone have all changed modern technology. In 2008, iTunes was the second biggest music store in America, following behind Walmart. About half of Apple 's current revenue comes from iTunes and iPod sales. An estimated two hundred million iPod 's have been sold and over six billion songs downloaded. Most songs are price at about one dollar each. Apple has, since then, been ranked number one in Fortune magazine 's list of “America 's Most Admired Company”. Tragic news struck in 2003 when Job was diagnosed with endocrine tumor, a rare form of pancreatic cancer. Jobs dedication to the company resulted in him postponing surgery. One year later, Jobs had a successful

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