Notes To My Psychological Argumentative Essay

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Mental illy people are afraiding to take a first step for taking any treatment because they would believe there has no cure at all. They doesn’t mean they can forget the cure, but they could try. Sometimes, they does work and doesn’t work for mental disorders. Their loved ones would want to help them so badly because they love them. Few people reject the help because they’re living in the denial, even though loved ones encourage them. As like Ellen tries to help Paul in Haslett’s story, “War’s End.” Before they goes to Scotland, Ellen takes the advice from Paul’s psychiatrist because the trip would stopping Paul’s depression. But, Paul knows it doesn’t help him. In Scotland, Ellen thinks she would to go anywhere in Scotland with Paul, but he doesn 't feels he do so. Haslett …show more content…
Daniel hasn’t taken any treatment anymore, so which mean Daniel will be same as his own father as he doesn’t taking any treatment. In contrast, Graham doesn’t want to be same as his father Frank in Haslett’s story, “Notes To My Biographer. Graham has the mental disorder from Frank, and Graham has been taking the medication for family’s sake including his partner Eric. Frank doesn’t have doing this for family because he think it isn’t necessary. Haslett says, “Your-idea-is-fantasy-calm-down-it-will-be-the-ruin-of-you-medication-medication-medication” (Haslett, 11). He think he can handle with his health disorder by himself, but Graham knows Frank getting out of his control as like he spends his money for expensive things. Also, he is scaring to the people who is working. Frank doesn’t see how much important to the family if Frank take a responsibly with his mental disorder. But, Frank sounds like he is avoiding from Graham’s advices which he doesn’t get it at all. The family love Frank, but they thinks he is the selfish for what he had done with them that let them think Frank’s

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