What Is The Role Of Religion In Lord Of The Flies

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Societies have given birth to new people for their defense and have ended due to disaster or social disorder. The island that the boys in Lord of the Flies have become part of, has brought them to war with the citizens of the island. In comparison, ISIS and the Syrian War occurring throughout the Middle East has caused a problem within the people of Levant. Each society has transformed into a battle of ruling and has caused the people around to rise over each other. Jack wants to become the overall ruler and ISIS also wants to be the owner of the Islamic religion. Religion also plays a mass part in the diversity of different religions because it uses the people’s mind to think differently about others’ belief. The Beast was welcomed to the …show more content…
Through the island in Lord of the Flies, the youth viewed the Beast as their manner of survival. The boys had let the Beast bring out the evil in them by implicating ”There isn’t anyone to help you. Only me. And I’m the Beast.” (Golding, 132). Promoting evil among the boys brought them to become savages and ended their civilization they had yet to complete. Their belief about the horrid Beast brought them to kill Simon, one of the boys which later caused a destruction of order after Simon’s death. This relates to ISIS since they follow their god Allah. Allah, the god of Islam, has led ISIS to view other religions as infidels because they view Allah as the overall ruler and creator. Issah Al Qurain stated to the world, “Yes, convert. In the beginning, I refused. I told them I was Christian and I had my religion and they had their religion. But they told me, if you don 't convert, we will kill you and take your wife and children. In the same lines, the Beast has been considered the manner of their survival but not all believe of him. Allah and the Beast both cause trouble through their societies because they refer each other that they are the most powerful than any other. Allah is viewed as their profit who was given to the people of Islam to follow just like the Beast because “It’s a gift.” (Golding, 127) The boys had witnessed the death of Simon and how him …show more content…
In the Lord of the Flies, Ralph uses the conch to operate the island so others can follow the regulations in order. The conch is broken which Jack managed to disrupt the island and cause a fall in order. The communication between the hunters and the littluns that stayed in the shore was divided because of Jack desiring the overall power. Associating to Lord of the Flies, ISIS ratified the regions in Levante. There was a lot of misunderstanding throughout the key Iraqi societies that led the government to give up on the societies and led ISIS to control all the people. Jack says, “I’m chief” which gives an understanding of who is the boss (Golding, 97). Jack and ISIS are both related because they both disrupt a society that they are around in, Jack destroyed the island that he was living it by breaking the conch and trying to get rid of Ralph. ISIS tries to discord a society by trying to eliminate the key Iraqi cities so the government and military can’t protect its people. On the other hand, Ralph and the government to the key Iraqi cities are trying to prevent the discord of their subjects so they can live in an organized society that will help them be peaceful. The key Iraqi city of Ramadi fell to ISIS on Sunday after government security forces pulled out of a military base on the west side of the city, the mayor and a high-ranking security official said. Mosul fell early on Tuesday after four

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