Chipotle Research Paper

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Musse Mekonnen
Professor Maltman
ENG 1101 16
October 2, 2017
Chipotle Vs Qdoba
One of the things that I’m very passionate about is Mexican food. Authentic or not, I can not go go a week without eating mexican food. Each week I’m faced with the question of which mexican restaurant should I go to? Chipotle or Qdoba? For obvious reasons, I have chosen to review chipotle against Qdoba and leave out places like Taco bell and Moe’s because they are not even close to compare due to low quality and authenticity. So I took it upon myself to explore and compare these two places. The categories I will look to critique are: food quality, price, and atmosphere of the restaurants. I’d have to admit that I go to chipotle more often because of proximity, I decided to try and go to both places this past week. First, I started with chipotle. Chipotle takes pride in serving naturally raised meat and organically grown beans. According to their food is not produced like other restaurants. When I went to their website, it brought me to a page that described the process of providing food for the restaurants and eventually to their
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And if you are a regular like me it means that there is always something you can do to make your burrito or bowl different. One of the many things that make Chipotle original is its tortilla chips and its guacamole. All of their chips are made fresh at each store every day and have lime salt on them. The guacamole is the greatest thing invented since sliced bread. The only downside is they charge an extra $2 for it. When customers order it, the cashier is known to explicitly explain the extra charge, but I’m always willing to pay extra because it’s that good! So the total minus extra meat and guacamole, usually come to around $6.75, which I think is very reasonable for the quality of food you’re

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