A Comparison Between White And Black Sororities By Alexander Berkowitz And Irene Padavic

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As women develop within western society, they are fed various types of images and messages of the expectations of their gender. A slim build, bright blue eyes, and large breasts are not the only acceptable and glamorized qualities of women, but the life course of women also tend to be controlled by the expectations of a wide society. Young girls are socialized through parents, the media, and school. In Getting a Man or Getting Ahead: A Comparison of White and Black Sororities, Alexander Berkowitz and Irene Padavic examine the values that are withheld and passed down within college sororities, and how the messages vary within white and black college sororities. Messages of the importance of marriage is predominantly encouraged amongst young white women, whereas, economic independence is encouraged amongst young black women. According to Higginbotham and Webers, 18 and 22 percent of white parents encouraged the idea of marriage and only 4 to 6 percent of black parents encouraged the same for their daughters. However, upon the encouragement of gaining an occupation, 94 percent of black parents influenced the pursue of an occupation, and 56 percent of white parents influenced the pursue of an occupation to their daughters. Most of these factors have to do with the upbringing of racial cultures, which ultimately leads to the upbringing of children and what they are taught as they develop. According to the background research of the authors, influences different college women are…

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