A Comparison Between Annie And Kirsty's Self Descriptions

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Register to read the introduction… It shows that the majority (60%) of descriptors used by the younger child are about physical characteristics and activities and the remainder are character descriptors. She makes no reference to relationships or inner qualities. The majority of the older child’s responses relate to inner qualities (50%). She spreads the remainder of her descriptions across the physical, character and relationship categories.

Self Evaluation

When discussing their strengths and weaknesses, Kirsty focused far more on character and relationship descriptions than Annie, who focused on physical attributes, particularly for her weak points (‘my ears... my legs’). However, Annie counted her friends as a strength and the fact that she likes ‘being myself’.

Self and Others

Annie’s awareness of similarity to others in her age group was centred on having the same likes and dislikes. She also identified differences between herself and others in this way. Kirsty talked about having the same experiences as others her own age but identified character and inner traits as distinguishing her from others.

Ideal Self

Annie’s notion of herself in later life was focused upon what job she might do and how else her time may be spent. Kirsty focused on the character traits that she hoped to have developed.

Locus of
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| | | | | |
|( | | | |I love rabbits, guinea pigs and dogs. |
| | | | | |
|( | | | |I think one of my hobbies is using the TV remote control. |
| | | | | |
| |( | | |I’m really good at maths but get stuck on telling the time.

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