A Comparative Study On Anatomy Essay

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As we all know, that anatomy is one of the historical subject and is still continuously being taught on due to its importance. The study itself begins as early as 1600 BC, with the emerging of Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus. The study during this era is mostly description on some parts of the human body. During the time of Aristotle, dissection was implemented on animal and this leads to founding of comparative anatomy subject.
It was not until during the reign of King Ptolemy that dissection on human was implemented. Live cadaveric dissection of Alexandrian criminal was allowed under the Ptolemic dysnasty and the man responsible for it was Herophilos. Galen in the 2nd century was also one of the prominent anatomists. A physician to treat gladiators during the day, he was able to perform actual human dissection. Now, Galen and Aristotle’s views has been argued and considered in the Canon of Medicine authored by Avicenna who is also one who was able to get hands on dissection.
Moving forward from the Renaissance age to early modern era, we have seen the integration of art and anatomy. This was famously done by Leonardo da Vinci. Detailed illustrations were also done by Vesalius who was at that time the professor of anatomy at the University of Padua. He was at the same time one who uses dissection as a primary teaching tool. Meanwhile in England, public lectures on anatomy were done in the early days by Company Barbers and Surgeons.
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