A Comparative Essay : Man From The South - The Land Lady

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A Comparative Essay: Man From the South – The Land Lady

The Man from the South sets the scene early. The little old man uses his dislike for cocky over zealous Americans to make a bet, that to say the least leaves the reader with suspense filled eagerness to find out what the outcome of the bet will be. The setting is one of fun, sun and lazing by the pool however this is in stark contrast to the dark setting of the Landlady. The Man from the South, making a macabre suggestion that if the lighter failed to light ten times the American would lose his left pinky. From the outset this creates the horror of the bet.

The pull of a brand new sleek green Cadillac was too much for the American, weighing up his options – lose his left hand pinky or gain a new car. The Americas reasoning, that the finger was worth less to him, foolishly agrees to the terms of the bet. Setting the scene, the Man from the South enlists the help of the maid to get the items he required. This leaves the reader with no doubt that the Man from the South will chop of the Americans finger if the lighter fails. The suspense is cleverly built as the Man from the South sets about building a familiar contraption that will not allow the American to forgo the bet.

In contrast to the land lady, where suspense is built by the use of descriptive words that set the scene, “ the wind was like a flat blade of ice on his cheeks:, :even in the darkness he could see that the paint was peeling from the wood…

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