A Comparative Analysis Of ' The Miller Lite ' Essay

1486 Words Nov 12th, 2016 6 Pages
According to Plato, a Greek philosopher, “He was a wise man who invented beer.” Even though this quote is from many years ago, it is still very true, with beer now being one of the three largest advertised products in an advertising industry with an annual revenue of over half a trillion dollars. Nowadays, beer companies, like all other companies, are trying their best to get more attention and win more consumers. Most beer ads target their customers with fantasy, like the Dos Equis 2011’s ad which concentrate on the fantasy of being successful and surrounded by babes. Some companies like Miller Lite however, try to include the “rejected” group, and show their support in the hope of getting their support, like including a homosexual couple in their ad. Whereas Dos Equis ad from 2012 targets men’s men by utilizing a technique of sex and elitism, the Miller Lite ad from 2010 targets working- class gay couple by appealing to their sense of populism. A comparative analysis of both ads reveals the fact that beer companies are leaving the fancy men fantasies and are tolerating new consumers such as gay men. The Dos Equis ad is a very interesting ad. The guy, which is know as the most interesting man in the world, is looking directly at the camera, wearing his fancy and probably expensive suit, while having a cigar in his hand. Then there are two girls sitting next to him, one looking at him, while the other one is looking at others with the feeling that she is better than them.…

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