A Company 's Balance Between Content Workers And Strong Leadership

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A company is facing an impasse of low production, unhappy workers, high turnover, leadership change, and high material cost. These issues are challenging for a company that is trying to move forward with restructuring. At this moment, the company needs to make changes to continue to remain in business. Furthermore, the initial step is to find a balance between content workers and strong leadership. Workers want to feel they are supported in every aspect of a working environment. Moreover, the isolated workers are in a hostile environment. First, the safety of the individual is compromised. People have made several complaint on safety; nothing was done to help the situation. Management-by-exception is the approach taken by leadership on this particular issue. Passive management is shown to be a key component in this aspect of the organization. It is a fact that leadership has taken a laissez-faire attitude toward employees and follows through with correcting the problem (Northhousse, 2016, p172). The coach needs to take a different approach toward enhancing relationship and firm with players. The solution is to have an active role in making the environment safer. An aspect transformational leadership may be used to refine an area of the business. Transformational leaders set out to empower followers and nurture them to be different. At the same time, they attempt to raise the consciousness in individuals…

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