A Companion Of Literature Essay examples

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A Companion of Literature
Life raises people up and tears people down to the changing of seasons. No one can know who will create the next viral video, coin the next buzzword or become a mainstay of societal popularity, unless one actively pursues these ends. Most people might see these possibilities as unfeasible and never see the value of commitment; per se, a “quitter’s” or a “settle for less” mentality. Our unprecedentedly globalized and interconnected society facilitates this illogical outlook. Social media and the news consistently barrage viewers with sensationalist and extreme stories of success or failure. This continuum of common negativity and unattainable success mirrors the latter clause of a Proverb by Solomon, in the Old Testament of the Bible, “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed”. Even before I realized this reality about society, I found company in the wisdom of books. As an adolescent, my parents necessitated that I complete half an hour of reading each day after school. Most of the time, I despised feeling forced to read. Why did I, after laboring all day in school and sports need to read, when I could have been playing video games. For a time, reading felt like another meaningless chore, and literally more homework.
I was curious. Shame on those who equated this innate and childish perspective to an enthusiasm for books about presidents or bland accounts of nature or animals. Biographies about…

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