A Communist Society Is Defined As An Environment Essay

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A communist society is defined as an environment where “property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs.” This social ideology and economic system of communism emerged from an adaptation of the ideology formed by Karl Marx, a sociologist popularized in the 1840s. There are numerous advantages to the communist system. The citizens of a communist society are essentially entitled to jobs; This is largely to due to the fact that the government has the ownership of all means of production in the country. The government has direct control over the economy. This can be beneficial for employment of its citizens. This economic communist advantage was evident in structure formed by Fidel Castro as the citizens found themselves protected under a secure extensive mega power. Communism in Cuba brought free education, and ensured food rations specifically to establish no individual went hungry. In 1959 when Fidel came to endowment over Cuba, statistics state 97% of the population was illiterate. In 2008 the census states that over 88% of the population can now read and write. Castro clenched the votes of the masses, which were made up of the uneducated and underprivileged inadvertently promising a better quality of life. Another advantage to communism is the lack of competition within the society. There is a level of equality that communism brings. Theoretically, all rewards from a communist labour system are divided equally among the…

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