A Common Theme Or Belief? Essay

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As I began to write my one page essay I realized I could see how God played a personal role in the Characters life and before I knew it I had three pages instead of one. So I decided to shorten my paper for my final and continue to write for my extended essay. One of the things I have loved while being in your class is how we have been able to read stories about Christ, or stories they are reflective of the Gospel. This trimester was no different. In Candide we see men search to find they explanation for how evil and a just God could exist in the same world. In Things Fall Apart we see the comparison of the Igbo tribes and Christian doctrine. Throughout this trimester we have continuously seen how character’s choose to embrace or reject God’s personal role in their lives. In Candide a common theme or belief is that due to the existence of evil in the world that must be a sign God is not entirely good or all-powerful and people who believe God is perfect are illogical. In this story the philosophers take for granted that God exist. The philosophers said people who perceive imperfections in the world do so only because they do not understand God’s grand plan. Voltaire does not accept that a perfect God, or any God for that matter have to exist. He mocks the idea that the world must be completely good. Pangloss and Candide are optimist in this story. They see a vast array of horrible things throughout the story such as rapes, robberies, disease, earthquakes, floggings, and…

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