A Common Struggle Every Student Faces At Baylor University Essay

744 Words Nov 16th, 2016 3 Pages
A common struggle every student faces at Baylor University is the slow, outdated AirBear network. Whether it be the inability to print a document or simply just accessing the internet, AirBear is extremely unreliable. While an ultimate fix to the problem seems unclear, the solution is actually quite simple: upgrade the network. For a total cost of $999, Baylor can implement gigabit internet routers at key locations across campus, providing students with faster speeds and a higher capacity to handle more users. The general low cost associated with this implementation make it worthwhile for both students and staff using the AirBear network, allowing the facilitation of higher test scores and increased GPAs. Overall, the addition of a faster AirBear network through the installation of gigabit internet routers around campus will help increase student performance and their overall satisfaction at Baylor. Students face troubling internet problems at Baylor on a daily basis. In fact, according to a self-conducted poll on Facebook, 64% of students report internet issues as their number one daily problem on campus. With so many students and teachers relying on AirBear as their source for both the internet and printing, any amount of downtime can affect student performance and grades. According to a study titled “Network Performance: Does It Really Matter To Users And By How Much?” conducted by computer scientist Ramesh Sitaraman, users with slower or unreliable internet speeds…

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