A Common Scenario For Classic Car Hunters Essay

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It 's a common scenario for classic car hunters to find a vehicle they 're interested in, but when they apply the brake, it goes to the floor. The longer it 's been sitting the more likely the seals in the master cylinder have deteriorated. This renders the brakes completely inoperative.

Here we 'll explore the different kinds of master cylinders found on [muscle cars of the 70s] and vintage automobiles from the 50s. Review repair options for cast-iron style cylinders. Discover how to locate rebuilding kits and hard to find replacement parts.

How Master Cylinders Work

It 's the job of a hydraulic master cylinder to take the drivers foot pressure and amplify it to stop the car. They connect the brake pedal to a push rod that moves a piston inside a cylinder bore. As this piston moves towards the front of the automobile it pushes fluid through the brake system. This activates the wheel cylinders on drum brakes and the calipers on disc assemblies.

In order for this to work properly the master cylinder uses a primary seal that stops the hydraulic fluid from bypassing the piston and flowing back into the reservoir. When this seal fails the driver pushes down on the pedal activating the push rod but the fluid is not pressurized at the wheel cylinders or calipers. This is how the pedal is able to move to the floor without stopping the vehicle.

Types of Vintage Master Cylinders

When you talk about classic car brakes and master cylinders you generally find two types. A single…

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