A Common Concern Of The Agriculture Industry Is The Public 's Concern On Gmos

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A common concern in the agriculture industry is the public 's concern on GMOs. The public is very uneducated on the stance of GM products. By conducting this survey our goal is to educate the general public about GM products.
When emailing Monsanto about GM crops one of the questions asked was “How long have GM products been used?” Monsanto 's response, “Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) aren’t just about food. They’ve been around for quite some time - long before anyone began developing crop seed. The art of gene splicing dates from 1972. In that year, Stanley Cohen and Herbert Boyer developed techniques that made it possible to chemically cut and splice strands of DNA at specific places in the sequence. Boyer used an enzyme to cut the code for a specific protein and attach it to other DNA. Cohen added a way to introduce these DNA sequences into bacteria and yeast cells. Together the two scientists turned these microbes into hormone factories. In 1976, they founded the company Genentech and introduced human genes that produce insulin into strains of bacteria. Those bacteria started manufacturing insulin. That insulin is safer (no allergic reactions as there were from animal insulin) and it saves lives.Next, they manufactured human growth hormone. HGH was used to enable dwarf children to grow to normal size. Before genetic modification techniques, the only source for the drug had been human cadavers. In 1985, however, three children died from neurological diseases…

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