Essay A College Student 's Responsibility

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It is a college student’s responsibility to buy textbooks every semester. At several colleges, it is mandatory for students obtain their textbooks before the class begins. One of the major concerns with buying textbooks is the prices. The majority of textbooks have prices over $100, which is a price several students cannot afford. With these prices, colleges may have to include additional payment options such as buying used and renting. The problem with these methods is they drive textbook prices even higher. Michael Granof’s paper, “Course Requirement: Extortion,” explains how few students buy new textbooks, which is why these textbooks are expensive; and gives insight on how these prices could possibly be lowered. While one may be tempted to buy their textbooks used, there are several advantages to each of the methods, and when choosing a textbook, a student is required to assess these advantages. New textbooks are one of the most advantageous ways of buying textbooks for they have the possibility of the store buying them back, the reader can support the author, and the reader can have the latest edition. College bookstores, depending on the condition of the book, will buy back the textbook. It is rare for students to use a textbook in multiple classes from different professors. When students are done with their textbook, they have two possibilities: they can keep their textbook, or they can sell it. If they keep their textbooks, the textbooks will probably sit on the…

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